Top 3 Places to Eat Near Campus

Written By: Jonathon H.

Guess what I stumbled upon in my travels within Downtown?! I was having a craving for some shrimp fried rice and I found this awesome place called WOK & ROLL. The food there is amazing and UHD students can get a discount.

For just $6.99 you can get fried rice, with 2 types of meat and an egg roll or biscuits with a drink! It’s a lot of food for a good price, plus not too many places I know of offer a UHD discount.


The best part…it’s not too far from the university, either walking or taking the rail.  If you walk, you’ll head down Main Street until you hit McKinney (about 10 blocks) and enter the tunnels through the Houston Answering Service Pros building on your right. Take the escalators down and you’ll walk past the Whataburger and down the hall past another set of escalators to WOK & ROLL. If you are taking the rail, you’ll get off on Main Street Square.

Another great establishment to eat at that’s close by is Frank’s Pizza! Not only do they sell pizza, but they also have burgers. Yes! You heard it! A pizza joint that sells burgers. The pizza is delicious and the burgers are served with fresh fries but you’ll have to wait about 10 extra minutes if you’re craving a burger. But HEY….everything is made fresh to order. Frank’s Pizza is on the corner of Prairie St. and Travis St., right next to the bar El Big Bad. It’s open from 11am- 3am, so if you’re ever out in downtown Houston craving a midnight snack, Frank’s Pizza will be a good place to stop by.  It’s within walking distance from the university (about 7 blocks) and if you’re riding the Metro Rail, get off at Preston.

Finally, another awesome place to eat is Poppa Burger which is really not too far from the Marilyn Davies College of Business. It’s on the corner of N. Main St. and Harrington St. (about 4 blocks). Take note that Poppa Burger is a cash only venue. They have burgers, tacos, burritos, tortas, nachos, fried chicken, fried fish, fried shrimp and more. The place it’s pretty packed just depends on the time of day that you go. I’ve tried their chicken basket, which came with 4 pieces of chicken (a wing, leg, breast and thigh), 2 slices of toast and fries. All the food is made-to-order and if you add in a drink, you’ll pay less than $10.

I recommend all of these spots but hope you’ll try at least one of these places and take a chance to explore the areas surrounding the university and College of Business.

Jonathan is an accounting major, graduating Fall 2019.

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