7 Steps for Recent Graduates Still Looking for a Job

Written by: Brett Hobby, Director, Marilyn Davies College of Business Career Center

Did you just graduate and are just now launching into your job search?  If so, don’t get discouraged.  Many UHD students fail to start their job search early since they are so focused on school and other responsibilities.  However, make sure you are following the steps below to ensure you have covered all of your bases:

1. Resume:

Make sure your resume is the best it can be.  A one-page resume is ideal, if possible.  Focus on your accomplishments and strengths as well as the top competency employers are seeking, written communication skills.  Work with our office and use our VMock system for automated support.  Remember, the goal of the resume is to land an interview.

2. Interview Prep:

Do you know what questions might be asked of you in an interview?  Are you prepared to answer these questions?  The best way to work on interviewing is to conduct a practice interview with a career coach who can provide feedback on improving your interviewing skills.  You can also use our automated mock interview system within GatorHIRED.  Remember, the goal of the interview is to get an offer for employment.

3. Dress for Success:

Professional dress is typically the standard for any interview.  If you aren’t sure how to dress, a good rule of thumb is that it is better to be overdressed rather than underdressed.  Remember, looking the part by dressing as expected can help you receive an employment offer.  Contact us for more information about appropriate interview attire.  We can also help you if you need assistance with securing that type of clothing.

4. Develop a Job Search Plan:

Do you know what kind of job you are seeking?  Do you know what type of jobs you would be eligible for?  Do you have specific companies in mind for whom you would like to work?  Creating a job search plan will make sure you have answered all of these questions and it will also help ensure you are being efficient in your search.  Come see us today to begin working on your plan.

5. Networking

Make sure you have an active and complete LinkedIn profile.  Make sure you are connecting with individuals online and also in person.  Seek out opportunities to interact with other professionals at events in your target city.  By conducting a simple search for “Networking Events in Houston 2018” on Google, you will find any number of events that you could attend. Sometimes the events are even free to attend!  It still holds true that most jobs are filled before they are advertised – filled by individuals who learned of the opportunity by networking.

6. Don’t overlook staffing agencies

Don’t forget that there are Temporary staffing and Direct Hire/Permanent Placement firms that often have tons of positions available.  These firms are contracted by companies to help get their positions filled.  This is good news for you.  Check out the listing of these firms in the Book of Lists within the Houston Business Journal.  UHD Davies current students and alumni can get access to this online resource for FREE.  It’s rare these days for a staffing firm to levy any charges on applicants using their services.  So, you have nothing to lose!

7. Don’t overdo it!

Finally, pace yourself in your job search and don’t overdo it!  Too many job seekers think that if they focus ALL of their attention on the job search, each day, that they will be more successful.  This is not necessarily true but what is true is that it will definitely make any already stressful process even more difficult.  Instead, it’s recommended that you specify a specific time and duration for your search each day.  Doing so will allow you to build in time for other things in your life and will make the process not seem so overwhelming.  According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE, naceweb.org), the average time from applying to a job to when an interview occurs is 38 days.  The average time from an interview to an offer is 24 days.

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