Advice from Ms. Robin: Stay Focused On What You’re Here For

IMG_1541You never know how much you need a smile or an encouraging word until you walk into the Shea Street Cafe on the first floor of the Marilyn Davies College of Business building.

You’ll be greeted by Ms. Robin who has worked  in the cafe since 2013 and goes above and beyond to ensure that her customers have a great experience and hear great music!

“I love doing what I do,” said Ms. Robin. “I love making my customers happy and having a clean store. I keep the store as I would expect as a customer. If I wouldn’t want to shop here then I wouldn’t expect anybody else to shop here. I love my music and my customers love my music too. Some people even just come here to hear my songs. I love jazz music.”

Ms. Robin says she tries to keep a happy and encouraging spirit for the people that come into the shop, especially for those students she sees that are stressed and struggling. She always tells them that it will get better and they will get through it.

As far as her advice for the younger generation:

“Stay focused on what you are here for. Just stay focused. Don’t let anybody take you off your square. Stay away from drama because it takes over and fogs your mind and takes you away from what you are here to do. I encourage people to keep going. I see lots of stressed students come in here, some with tears or anger. The pressures of school are really heavy so stay on track no matter what. If you fall of the side of the road, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on track.”

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  1. I came in here about two weeks ago after my run and when I entered the store I felt to calm by the music and she helped me out in getting myself food and snacks as well, she is a bright ray of light. She truly is a staple of UHD


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