Single mother graduating with 3.96 GPA reflects on her UHD MBA experience

Written by: Shanequea White, UHD MBA Fall 2019

Experience with the MBA Program

My experience was great with the MBA Program at the Marilyn Davies College of Business! I loved that I could do the soft start program instead of taking the GMAT, which showed that I was able to handle my concentration courses and could move forward with taking the MBA core courses.  I valued that it allowed me to maintain my work/life balance while obtaining my degree. I was able to maintain a 3.96 GPA, while working and having a family so the MBA program is extremely flexible. I truly enjoyed the professors and corporate fellows I learned from throughout the process.

Learned Personally

To be honest, what I learned personally about myself during this process is that I could no longer procrastinate like I have done in the past during my undergraduate career. I actually had to focus and manage my time accordingly.  I am a single mother, working full time and going to MBA courses at night – if I can do this – so can anyone else considering this journey. Also, I learned that at times you can’t do everything you would like to and it does get hard at times, but that there was a greater goal I wanted to achieve.

Learned Professionally

Professionally, I learned how to handle team conflicts because of all the experience I received working in group project teams with different students with various concentrations. Also, I learned to pay attention to what is going on currently in the market that could affect the employees at my job.


My advice to anyone considering the MBA program is to research the school be sure it is the best fit for you and your career goals. Also, make sure that you have the time and energy required to be successful in the program. Be prepared to work hard and stay focused on the end goal as it may be a struggle at times due to working and maybe even having a family. Know that this is not a race on how fast you can finish the program, whether that be two years or three, but it’s about the knowledge you gain along the way. Study, be engaged, and build valuable relationships throughout your MBA career.

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  1. Wonderful Story. It has given me the renewed energy I needed to complete the journey of obtaining my MBA. Onward!


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